How Much Botox Do I Need?

We all differ in the amount of Botox we need depending on our facial muscles and how we move them; however, there are some general ranges that you can use when trying to figure out how many units you may need when planning your “Botox Budget.”  These amounts are not set in stone but the following will give you a general idea:

Glabella (vertical lines between the brows): 20-30 units

Forehead (horizontal worry lines):   6-12 units

Brow lift:  8-16 units

Crow’s Feet:  12-16 units

Nose lines:  4-8 units

Lips: 4 units

The most precise and clearest way to understand pricing of Botox is “per unit,” although some injectors price it per “cc.”  If the latter is quoted to you, make sure you ask how many units are in a “cc” as the concentration of Botox  can differ between offices.

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